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The cornerstone to any great television advertising campaign is the script!  It’s the blueprint, foundation and backbone for your entire project and is one of the most critical steps in creating a successful TV project. An experienced and seasoned DRTV writer understands it’s more than just catchy phrases that matter.  The scripting is a process that tells the product’s story with demonstrations, unique selling propositions, and an offer that is developed, crafted and refined. And the process of writing a GREAT script is exactly that, a detailed and well planned process.

 “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – This could not be more appropriate when it comes to your script!

Award Winning Writing!

Award Winning Copy For Advertising Agencies, Fortune 100 Companies And Product Owners!

The script is where the rubber hits the road!  Whether you’re looking for us to develop your television advertising from concept to completion or you need to hire a seasoned writer for your next project let Intellivision’s experts help you develop the perfect script to take your product to the next level.

Do the Right Thing! 

You wouldn’t building a house without the proper blueprints or plans and the same should be true for your television marketing! Whether it’s a short form commercial or half hour show. Every second counts. That’s why a great script will make your product’s messaging clear, concise, and targeted to sell your product, get the viewer excited, create retail demand, and develop a strong brand image that is designed to ultimately turn your product into a household name.



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