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Infomercial Media Buying

So your infomercial or spot is done, it looks great and you know you have a winning ad on your hands. Now what? Now you have to buy media, set up telemarketing, fulfillment and develop the backend. A good agency will handle the critical details for you, but it is important to understand the media and telemarketing is almost as important as the creative. If you don’t buy the right time, or get it at the right price your doomed.

Over two decades we have formed strategic alliances with some of the biggest and best media buying agencies in the industry. The advantage of using IntelliVision, rather than going direct, is we pass on our pre-negotiated discounts to you so it costs you less.  Plus you get the added benefit of an unbiased partner that can review and evaluate your media schedules, BEFORE you spend your money.

Telemarketing & Backend

Same goes with the telemarketing. The commercial and the media are working great… the phone is ringing off the hook, only to discover your call center can’t handle the volume and isn’t taking all the calls! Again, this is where it is important to work with specialists that know the nuances of the business. DRTV is a science, and when it’s done right it’s the science of success.



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