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Infomercials 101

What is DRTV?
DRTV stands for Direct Response Television, which is synonymous for what most people call “infomercials”. It’s any television advertising that asks the viewer to take an immediate action, whether that is to order a product, visit a website, or call a toll free number for more information. It’s advertising that is eliciting a specific and direct response from the viewer and that’s what we do here at IntelliVision. We get the viewer, the consumer, and your potential customers to take action. We generate a direct response from the viewer as a result of seeing your ad.

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Advertising to business travellers: TV or terminal?

BLOOMBERG TV, the boob-tube arm of Michael Bloomberg’s business news and information empire, is launching a huge new ad campaign aimed at business travellers passing through London, the Drum reports. Read more

Do You Need a Spot or Half Hour Infomercial?

Once you’ve decided to use the power of direct response television advertising (infomercials) to increase sales and promote your product one of the first questions that come up is:

“Do I need a full half hour infomercial or should we consider a short form commercial?”

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