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Spot or Half-Hour Infomercial?

Once you’ve decided to use the power of direct response television advertising (infomercials) to increase sales and promote your product one of the first questions that come up is: Read more

So What’s the Big Idea?

Do you have the next big thing? The next billion dollar brand waiting to be discovered?  Here’s a few ways to find out…

Since the Magic 8 Ball on my desk has proven itself to be somewhat unreliable in determining the success and failure of products, we created an expert product evaluation team to determine specific criteria to evaluate a product’s potential success. Read more

From Infomercial to Billion Dollar Brand

Cracking the Branding Code:
Many traditional advertising agencies require budgets that rival those of small countries and would like their clients to believe there is one way, and one way only to build a “real brand”. And with those gargantuan budgets they can run flashy Super Bowl ads that cost millions of dollars for 30 seconds, and blanket the airwaves with brands we already know all about…. But the thing they know very little about is how to take a product with zero consumer awareness, no retail distribution, and a budget so small it wouldn’t pay for their catering and turn it into a brand. (I can say this with confidence because I once was an executive producer for one of those big agencies). Read more



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